Sketch in all of it's glory

Gary Carstensen is the owner of the website Which houses sketch.swf and gallery.swf, the ground zero of the shit storm that is sketch. General craptastic interaction is conducted on this site, but sketchers have formed groups outside in skype calls and facbook groups. Ages range from 12 to the mid 20s. Studies have shown that every sketcher is infact, a faggot. Sketch goers can be put into two draw groups, raiders, and regs.


Raiders consist of /v/, /b/, facepunch,, and any other shitty board bored enough to come to sketch. Raiders consist of waves of shitty drawings, volleys of penises, and loads of horrible memes.


When a sketcher frequents sketch past raids, they become a reg. Regs partake in things such as "WORDS WORDS WORDS", drawing porn, and causing drama. They also gather in skype calls dry humping each other.